The old black wrought iron cemetery gate.

Ideas For A Custom Gate For Your Garden

There are many garden gates on the market that you can easily install. However, there are many homeowners who want to make their home a personal statement and the garden gate is a great opportunity to do this. There are a number of ways that you can customise your garden gate to suit your style and the message that you want to portray.

Using Wrought Iron Gates

If you are looking for a custom ornate gate, wrought iron is the most common material to use. Wrought iron gates have an antique feel to them and can give your home a grand feeling. There are also a number of ways that they can be customised to suit your needs.

Custom wrought iron gates will generally have intricate patterns and designs on them. You can have your gate make to look like plants, leaves or trees. If you are looking for something bigger, you can have your family name placed on the gate.

The benefit of these gates is that they are very durable and weather-resistant. Most modern wrought iron gates are not actually made from iron however they will generally be a powder coated steel which is made using traditional wrought iron techniques.

Another popular type of steel gate is the Colorbond gate. Colorbond steel fencing is very popular due to its low cost and durability. A matching gate always works well.

Using Wooden Gates

If you want a more relaxed custom gate, you should consider a custom wood gate. Wooden gates offer a solid design which provides more security and privacy when compared to wrought iron and picket style gates. It is possible to have a wooden gate with a curved, lattice or scalloped top depending on the style that you like.

A great way to customise these gates is through paint. It is easy to paint a wood gate any colour you want and you could put a mural on the gate if you want to. Wooden gates can also handle a window if it is large enough. Of course, when you choose a wooden gate, you need to ensure that you use a wood that is suited to the outdoors.

Using Vinyl Gates

If you are looking for a gate that does not need a lot of maintenance, you need to look at a custom vinyl gate. These gates will not rot and they will not rust which means that they will last longer than metal or wood gates. The customisation options for vinyl will actually be more limited than the other materials.

It is possible to get vinyl gates in a range of colours with lighter colours being more common. You will also be able to choose a style depending on what you want. The most common styles are a lattice gate, a privacy gate and a picket gate.

Customising your garden gate is possible, but the options that you have will vary depending on the material of the gate. Wrought iron and wood will generally have more options than vinyl, but they do require more maintenance. Wrought iron will be the most expensive material and certain types of wood will also be expensive.…

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Young woman using sunscreen on the sea background

Importance of Being Sun Safe While Gardening

Gardening is certainly an ideal way of enjoying the outdoor, getting physical activity, beautifying the community and growing beautiful plants and nutritious and healthy vegetables and fruits. However, despite the beauty and excitement of gardening, you need to realize that safety and healthy should also be a priority. It is therefore essential to be sun safe while gardening.

Knowing Your Limit in the Heat – An Effective Way to Protect Yourself

Despite going out for shorter periods, high temperatures can still pose serious health issues. You therefore need to monitor you activities under the sun to reduce the risks of health problems like heart-related ailments.

When gardening under the sun, you need to do the following to ensure your protection:

  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Avoid drinks which contain high amount of sugar or alcohol.
  • Your love and passion for gardening are given but make sure to take some breaks. Rest on shaded areas so your body thermostat can recover.
  • Eat healthy foods that keep you hydrated and energized.

The Great Significance of Being Sun Safe

The importance or significance of being sun safe while gardening can never be denied.

  • Being sun safe while gardening is highly important because this reduce the risks of suffering from heat-related illnesses such as ultimately high blood pressure, rapid pulse, nausea, dizziness, headache and unconsciousness.
  • Being sun safe is also important especially to individuals who are overweight but have strong passion and interest for gardening. Overweight individuals usually suffer from hypertension so working in the garden with intense heat of the sun can put them in danger. Being sun safe is therefore crucial.
  • Being sun safe also reduce the risks of developing skin cancer. Studies revealed that moderate exposure to the sun and at healthy levels is safe and necessary. On the other hand, extreme and burning sun exposure is dangerous and can lead to increased risk of developing skin cancer.

If you are a beginner or professional gardener, you need to keep in mind that health and safety are top priorities. This is actually where the real importance of being sun safe while gardening comes in. Though sun is crucial for gardeners especially when growing and cultivating their plants, gardeners have to note that excessive sun heat and exposure is not good for them for this can put their health and safety in great compromise. So to make things clear, being sun safe is of absolute importance.

Gardening is an enjoyable pursuit not just for you but for the entire family. However, the heat of the sun and unwanted insects can start serious problems so make sure that you are sun safe and you understand the significance of being sun safe while gardening. Make sure to wear hats, use sunscreen, wear sturdy and comfortable shoes and stay hydrated. Take a break if needed.

Fitness, relaxation and fun all sounds like a dream vacation in a resort however believe it or not, these can all be found in your backyard garden. Gardening is also considered a whole body workout allowing individuals to reap what they sowed. This also provides opportunity to ideally reconnect with nature and family or friends. So, better grab your shovel now and go out but make sure that you are sun safe.…

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Plantain Weed

Facts About Plantain Weed

What is a weed?

A weed is an invasive and often unwanted plant that grows along the actual plant and consumes up nutrients, sunlight and space, thus inhibiting the growth of the actual planted plant. Weeds grow by spreading seeds through winds, waterways, animal movements, machinery and other human activities. There are a lot of different types of weeds which are classified according to their growing patterns and their aesthetics: color, shape, and the flowers they produce, how long they can grow and under what conditions they can grow. Gardeners hate weeds and kill them using weed killers, you can also buy weed killers from website, they provide original products.

This piece of information deals about a specific type of weed that is called Plantain Weed. It is generally considered that all weeds are harmful and do not have any benefit, but for plantain weeds this generalization seems wrong. Plantain weed also has advantages for the mankind.

Some facts about plantain weed:

History and Family of Plantain weed:

Known as “white man’s foot” to the Native American, plantain is considered to be 200 years old and it has nearly as many uses. It is considered to be one of the nine sacred herbs and is regarded as “mother of herbs” in Anglo-Saxon poetry. Plantain is native to northern and central parts of Asia and Europe.

Plantain is a member of  Plantaginaceae family. Two species of plantain, valued medicinally primarily for the seed, are Plantago psyllium L. and Plantago indica, also known as flea seed and plantago. The dried, ripe seeds of these species, generally called psyllium, is high in mucilage and is widely used as a bulk-forming laxative.

Growth Patterns and Habitat:

As already discussed that it is commonly found in northern and central Asia and Europe, it is also found in North America. The plantain weed is perennial (it keeps returning).  It can grow in almost any soil and grows in shade as well in sunshine. It reproduces be spreading its seeds.

Depending upon the conditions, the availability of sunshine and nutrient it may reach up to six feet in height. Generally they are a low growing plant with green plant with oval, ribbed short-stemmed leaves.

 Medical Uses:

The leaves and seeds of plantain have a lot of medical uses. Plantain is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs all around the world. It has the potential to cure a lot of medical problems and acts as a relaxant and natural pain killer. Legend has it that at the time of colonization by Europeans around the world, plantain was treated as one of the most valued medical treatment method. Fresh leaves of plantain contain a high allantoin content which can be used to treat wounds, sores, insect bites, bee and wasp stings, eczema, and sunburn. Plantain is an ancient remedy which is still a very affordable and effective remedy to treat ailments related to cough such as bronchitis, tuberculosis and sore throat. It can also be used to treat toothache and is also effective in urinary tract problems.

Plantain is also useful in weight loss as the recent studies in Italy and Russia have confirmed this. In the realm of Chinese medicine, plantain is considered to be useful in curing male impotency. In United States of America, plantain is considered to be a very effective laxative.

Summarizing the above portion we can say that plantain is a very useful product, but there are certain limitations that we will discuss later on in this article. Here are a few remedial attributes of plantain.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Astringent
  • Expectorant – helps with bronchitis, coughs.
  • Diuretic
  • Laxative
  • Ophthalmic

Edible Uses:

Fresh young leaves can be eaten as salad and cooked as potherb. Eating plantain can give us a lot og health benefits.

Herbal infused Oil:

Plantain has a very important use and this is the preparation of herbal infused oils with plantain leaves. This oil can be prepared at home by following easy method:

  • Fill a container of fresh plantain leaves that have been gently bruised or crushed. Dried leaves can also be used. If you are using the dried leaves fill the container to only its half
  • Cover the leaves with any vegetable oil, cover the container and let it dry in sun for a couple of weeks.
  • The color of the jar contents will turn into dark green, strain out the leaves and the oil is redy to use.

This oil can be used on babies instead of baby oils or Vaseline as it is natural healthy.

Precautions about plantain:

  • Medical studies have found out that plantain weed is not good for women who are pregnant.
  • Nursing mothers should not use plantain without the advice of doctors.
  • Inhaling the seed powder directly can induce asthma attacks.
  • Ingestion of seeds of plantain without soaking them properly in water can cause gastrointestinal problems.
  • While a person is ingesting the seeds, it is critical to drink large amounts of water, as the seeds absorb water in the intestine.
  • The vitamin K content in plantain can interfere with blood thinning medications.
  • Avoid taking plantain if you are already taking diuretics as it will result in loss of potassium from the body.
  • Patients with heart diseases should also avoid taking plantain weed.
  • It may cause allergy to sensitive people.

All in all, plantain is a very helpful weed and it has a lot of medicinal advantages, yes there are some harmful effects but only limited to certain people who can avoid its use.…

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detail of a construction machine

What You Need To Consider Before Hiring Equipment For Home Improvements

Completing home improvements yourself is a great way to increase the value of your property and save money. However, you will find that you do not always have the correct tools for the home improvement that you want to complete. Most people will turn to equipment hire companies such as Rentco to help with this, but there are a number of considerations that you need to know about before you hire any equipment.

Choosing The Right Company

One of the most important considerations when hiring home improvement equipment is that you choose the right rental company. There are a lot of rental companies out there, but not all of them will offer the service that you want. It is important that you research the company before you work with them.

You need to look at the maintenance routine the company has for their equipment. If the company does not perform maintenance checks on the equipment after each rental, you could be at risk of using faulty equipment. This is something that you need to avoid at all costs because you do not want to be injured by the equipment.

Do You Know Which Tools You Need?

It is vital that you know exactly which tools you need before you look at rental companies. Choosing the right tool is vital as one which is too powerful or not powerful enough can cause major problems. High powered tools can be hard to handle if you are not used to them and this can result in accidents and injuries. However, a low powered tool will not be able to complete the job that you need it to do.

You also need to know which tools you need to avoid double rental costs. If you hire a tool that you do not actually need, you will still be liable for the rental amount. This can increase the costs of your project and limit the savings you have from doing the home improvement yourself

Do You Know How To Use The Tool?

There is no point in hiring home improvement equipment that you do not know how to use. It is essential that you know how to correctly use the equipment to ensure that you are able to complete your project correctly. If you feel that you do not have the correct knowledge of the tool, you should ask the rental company employees for further information. A reputable rental company will have employees who will be able to provide the necessary training and guidance that you need.

If you feel that you still do not know how to correctly use the equipment after talking to the rental company employees, you have to consider if completing the project yourself is the best option. Of course, you can also look at online tutorials that can help you understand what you need to do with the tools. If you are not correctly trained, you need to consider how this will impact the costs of the rental because you may have to pay a fee if the tools are damaged while you use them.…

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5 Great Gardening Tips for the Coming Summer

Gardening is such a beautiful and therapeutic thing. If you are also a garden lover and like to play around with the soil and plant new flowers regularly, this is for you. The summer is on its way and we want to be ready. We are looking forward to our summer gardening and would like to share a few tips with our fellow gardeners.

Keep your pots and plants cool – The summer heat here in Oz can be devastating to potted plants. Help them keep cool and watered by placing the pots out of direct sunlight and also mulch them often. Place potted plants in saucers with sand and keep the sand moist. This will help the plants stay healthy and cool.

Avoid the appearance of mildew – To prevent mildew from appearing on or around your plants, water them early in the day. This gives them a chance to dry out and prevent mildew. You can also use a solution of cow’s milk and water to help prevent mildew. You just mix one part milk with one 10 parts water and spray the plants weekly.

Clean the irrigation system and water tanks – Before the summer kicks in, unblock your irrigation system and make sure that there are no leaks or damages. If you are using a tank to catch rainwater to use on the plants, make sure it is clean and has no leaks.

Take care of your camellias – Camellias are beautiful and bloom in the summer, but they can dry out quickly if they don’t receive the right attention. To counter this risk, mulch and water your potted camellia once or twice every week, especially in hot weather.

Do hard work during cool times – The summer sun is unforgiving and can be dangerous. You should always wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses when working outside. When you have hard work like digging holes, fencing, or mowing the lawn, try and complete these tasks before 10 AM or after 4 PM when the sun is less severe.

You are ready for your summer gardening. We hope you spend many relaxing hours enjoying your summer garden.…

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5 Tips for Saving Your Beloved Plants

Not everyone has green fingers and I’m sure some of you have experienced the let-down of not being able to keep a plant alive. I have struggled to keep plants alive until I found some great advice. If your plants are looking under the weather, there is still hope. Simply follow these tips and you will have a happy and beautiful plant again in no time.

  1. Make sure they get enough sun. Some plants want a lot of sunlight while others prefer the shade. Make sure that your plant is in the right place to receive its optimal amount of sunlight and shade. Potted plants are easy to move around to the best spot. If your flower beds are in the wrong spot, be careful when removing the plants and make sure you treat them with care.
  2. Feed the plant some healthy soil. Your plant needs nutrition just like you do. Improve the soil in which your plant is growing by digging through mushroom compost and well-rotted manure. This is better for plants in beds and not necessarily in pots.
  3. Give the plants the right water and nutrients. Water the plants well and use the right type of fertiliser to help them grow and get healthy. If you are unsure which fertiliser is best, ask your local nursery what they would suggest.
  4. Clean off the dead leaves and branches. Cutting back the dead leaves and branches allows the plant to grow new and fresh ones. The plant needs to get rid of the old and dead to be able to thrive again. You can safely cut back about a third of the plant without causing damage.
  5. Look out for pests. Plants have natural enemies that attack them. Things like aphids and mealy bugs should be addressed very quickly. You can take measures to prevent these buggers from getting near the plant as well.

Once you’ve tried all of these tips, you should have your plant back on the road to health. If not, it means you need to let it go.

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6 Cleaning Tips to Make Life a Lot Easier and Save You Time

Cleaning will always be necessary and we all want it to go fast and be effective. We have some great cleaning tips for every day cleaning as well as those once a year or once every few months cleaning projects. These tips will make you breathe easier and get through the job faster.

Use a lint roller to clean the car. If you have furry family and kids, you will need to clean the car quite often. Use a lint roller to get rid of the hair, crumbs, and other dirt. The roller can get into small spaces and is also a lot easier to use.

Soften your towels. Some places have hard water and this can cause a build-up of minerals. This is not good for your towels as it makes them scratchy. To counter this, wash the towels in very hot water and 1 cup of ammonia. Don’t add any washing powder or detergent.

Don’t over wash clothes. You don’t need to wash clothes after every wear. Some things like t-shirts, gym clothes, socks, and underwear need to be washed after one wear, but others like denim or bras don’t. Save yourself some time, energy, and keep your clothes for longer by only washing when the clothes really are dirty.

Let toothpaste put the shine back in your shoes. Shoes get dirty especially if they are your favourite pair and you wear them a lot. Get them clean and looking like new by scrubbing them with some toothpaste.

Let lemon clean your cutting boards. Don’t throw out your stained cutting boards. Cut a lemon and rub the cut side across the board to remove the smells and stains. You can also throw baking soda and salt on the board before using the lemon to get even better results.

No more dreading those cleaning tasks. With these tips, you will save time, money, and solve problems easily.…

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