6 Cleaning Tips to Make Life a Lot Easier and Save You Time

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Cleaning will always be necessary and we all want it to go fast and be effective. We have some great cleaning tips for every day cleaning as well as those once a year or once every few months cleaning projects. These tips will make you breathe easier and get through the job faster.

Use a lint roller to clean the car. If you have furry family and kids, you will need to clean the car quite often. Use a lint roller to get rid of the hair, crumbs, and other dirt. The roller can get into small spaces and is also a lot easier to use.

Soften your towels. Some places have hard water and this can cause a build-up of minerals. This is not good for your towels as it makes them scratchy. To counter this, wash the towels in very hot water and 1 cup of ammonia. Don’t add any washing powder or detergent.

Don’t over wash clothes. You don’t need to wash clothes after every wear. Some things like t-shirts, gym clothes, socks, and underwear need to be washed after one wear, but others like denim or bras don’t. Save yourself some time, energy, and keep your clothes for longer by only washing when the clothes really are dirty.

Let toothpaste put the shine back in your shoes. Shoes get dirty especially if they are your favourite pair and you wear them a lot. Get them clean and looking like new by scrubbing them with some toothpaste.

Let lemon clean your cutting boards. Don’t throw out your stained cutting boards. Cut a lemon and rub the cut side across the board to remove the smells and stains. You can also throw baking soda and salt on the board before using the lemon to get even better results.

No more dreading those cleaning tasks. With these tips, you will save time, money, and solve problems easily.