5 Tips for Saving Your Beloved Plants

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Not everyone has green fingers and I’m sure some of you have experienced the let-down of not being able to keep a plant alive. I have struggled to keep plants alive until I found some great advice. If your plants are looking under the weather, there is still hope. Simply follow these tips and you will have a happy and beautiful plant again in no time.

  1. Make sure they get enough sun. Some plants want a lot of sunlight while others prefer the shade. Make sure that your plant is in the right place to receive its optimal amount of sunlight and shade. Potted plants are easy to move around to the best spot. If your flower beds are in the wrong spot, be careful when removing the plants and make sure you treat them with care.
  2. Feed the plant some healthy soil. Your plant needs nutrition just like you do. Improve the soil in which your plant is growing by digging through mushroom compost and well-rotted manure. This is better for plants in beds and not necessarily in pots.
  3. Give the plants the right water and nutrients. Water the plants well and use the right type of fertiliser to help them grow and get healthy. If you are unsure which fertiliser is best, ask your local nursery what they would suggest.
  4. Clean off the dead leaves and branches. Cutting back the dead leaves and branches allows the plant to grow new and fresh ones. The plant needs to get rid of the old and dead to be able to thrive again. You can safely cut back about a third of the plant without causing damage.
  5. Look out for pests. Plants have natural enemies that attack them. Things like aphids and mealy bugs should be addressed very quickly. You can take measures to prevent these buggers from getting near the plant as well.

Once you’ve tried all of these tips, you should have your plant back on the road to health. If not, it means you need to let it go.