5 Great Gardening Tips for the Coming Summer

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Gardening is such a beautiful and therapeutic thing. If you are also a garden lover and like to play around with the soil and plant new flowers regularly, this is for you. The summer is on its way and we want to be ready. We are looking forward to our summer gardening and would like to share a few tips with our fellow gardeners.

Keep your pots and plants cool – The summer heat here in Oz can be devastating to potted plants. Help them keep cool and watered by placing the pots out of direct sunlight and also mulch them often. Place potted plants in saucers with sand and keep the sand moist. This will help the plants stay healthy and cool.

Avoid the appearance of mildew – To prevent mildew from appearing on or around your plants, water them early in the day. This gives them a chance to dry out and prevent mildew. You can also use a solution of cow’s milk and water to help prevent mildew. You just mix one part milk with one 10 parts water and spray the plants weekly.

Clean the irrigation system and water tanks – Before the summer kicks in, unblock your irrigation system and make sure that there are no leaks or damages. If you are using a tank to catch rainwater to use on the plants, make sure it is clean and has no leaks.

Take care of your camellias – Camellias are beautiful and bloom in the summer, but they can dry out quickly if they don’t receive the right attention. To counter this risk, mulch and water your potted camellia once or twice every week, especially in hot weather.

Do hard work during cool times – The summer sun is unforgiving and can be dangerous. You should always wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses when working outside. When you have hard work like digging holes, fencing, or mowing the lawn, try and complete these tasks before 10 AM or after 4 PM when the sun is less severe.

You are ready for your summer gardening. We hope you spend many relaxing hours enjoying your summer garden.