Star of Greece brings you all the best in cleaning, crafting, gardening, building, and more. If it has to do with your home or garden, you will find it here. At Star of Greece, we are very passionate about living in a home that we love and that doesn’t take us hours to clean. We are also passionate about creative and thriving gardens. And, of course, we have a bit of a flair for the arts and crafts to make homes and gardens more manageable and make them suit our personalities.

Star of Greece was started about 4 years ago and has the most fantastic team of writers, experts, and advisors. The team is led by Jayden Rusconi who is a master at gardening and also very creative. We aim to make life easier and more colourful for our readers. You will find great tutorials on gardening, landscaping, cleaning, making garden ornaments from recycled materials, building a hanging garden, etc. No matter what you want, you will likely find it here.

Star of Greece is one of the best home and garden blogs that you will visit. We really have such a wide variety of material that you may never want to leave. We aim to help and inspire new ideas. We hope you enjoy your time here at Star of Greece.